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"My face has become brighter and my skin is glowing" - Tan Ying Shin
"It relieves sunburns and my skin feels refreshed and healthy. I've been using it for a week now and I love how it makes my skin glow. It's also suitable to apply if you're someone who likes outdoor activites." - Rohaniza binti Ahmad Nawawi
"Firstly, I like the fresh tangerine smell and it does make my skin brighter. But, it doesn't work well on skin wounds, especially pimples on your skin." - Chan Hor Kuan
"My skin feels so fresh. The cream texture is soft and not sticky. When I apply Radian-C Cream, my face feels smooth and light. I love how the cream doesn't make my skin feel oily." - Nor Musfirah binti Hamid
"I love the smell of citrus and how it absorbs easily on my skin to make it smooth. The most important thing is how my skin is free from greasy and oily looks." - Hafiza Abu Muaddah
"It reduces some of my acne scar spots within just a few days of usage." - Eliza Shee Yee Hsia
"The cream smells good, texture is easy to apply, and my skin is now smoother and fairer." - Loh Shih Yee
"My skin feels refreshed and I can see minor improvements. My skin looks brighter, plumpier, and smoother." - Nurul Atiqah binti Mohamad
"I have dark scars on my face which makes me embarrassed to go out without make up or mask.. now i’ve Been wearing for a week & I see the difference it made on my scar especially. My dark scar has lessen & now I have more confident to go out even without make up" - Nur Kauthar bt Zahariman
"After a week of using the cream, my skin is more radiant and I noticed my skin complexion is better than before. I love it because it's fast absorbant and it blends very well with my skin tone, moisturising my skin perfectly as well." - Mohd Roshaidi Hamad
"I like the texture and the smell of the cream. It's very refreshing and does not leave any greasiness on my skin. Above all it does its job well in moisturising the skin and eliminating dullness which makes the skin visibly healthier and brighter." - Melody Loo Yin Hzia
"It makes my skin feels good and my face glows better than before." - Vikneswari Suppiah
"It is really good as it suits my sensitive skin. It helped improved my skin a lot as my skin is now always moisturised and glowing all day long." - Robieahton binti Kamarudin
"My skin is now brighter and very moisturised after using the cream." - Wong Phooi Ping
"My skin looks brighter and healthier." - Nurul Nadiah binti Nor Sukor
"My skin feels supple and it reduced the redness on my skin." - Nur Hartini binti Mardan
"The cream is not sticky or oily and it is easily absorbed by skin. It smells nice and keeps me hydrated all day long even in an air-cond room. My skin is brighter, smoother, healthier, and looks radiant after using it. Skin tone is more even and dark spots considerably lesser." - Lindsay Tan
"My skin is getting better and my pimple spots have reduced too. Overall i really love this product. It has a smell that i really like." - Noor Alis binti Azmi
"The smell is very refreshing and it makes me very energetic every time i apply it in the morning. Texture is easy to spread and fast absorbant, it does not leave any stickiness as well. My skin looks brighter as it awakens my skin and no longer looks dull in the morning. Dark spots are gradually lighten but it might take a more frequent usage to completely clear it. Highly recommend to all my friends." - Leoi Ye Sien
"Dark spots are lighten and i love the smell! My skin is now more refreshed and firm. Great experience!" - Hoh Xiow Yin
"I like the non-sticky texture as I have oily skin and it doesn't make my skin oily and uncomfortable even after a day of using it." - Tan Jia Boh
"Confident with less dark spots and brighter skin" - Leong Huey Wen
"LANEIGE Radian-C Cream made my skin fairer and the uneven tones are fading away now. I am very happy & thankful that I was selected as one of the winners for this new product! Lots of love" - Muhammad Alizaman B Shaari
"I can feel the dark spots on my face has faded and my skin is a little brighter than before." - Kimberly Chin Hui Yun
"This Radian-C Cream was so amazing. I feel my skin is brighter and clearer. Definitely helped my skin problem and mosturise my skin really well." - Noriah Idris
"I feel my skin more moisturised than before. My micro-dark spots have lighten a bit but not 100% gone. The cream is quite thick so I don't need to put much on my face and I like the orange fragrance inside the cream too." - Siti Rasyidah binti Mohd Shukor
"My skin feels better as the cream doesn't leave any outcast, which is my favourite part." - Anis Suraya Maznum Binti Azman
"I feel like my skin has really become brighter and the smell is nice." - Tan Yan Yi
"The cream is a bit sticky for me but it is moisturizing. I can feel that my skin is smoother now." - Foong Wen Xin
"I feel my skin is more hydrated and dark spots on my face are reduced." - Chan Yan Yee
"Feels it moisturises my skin instantly, the cream texture is thick yet easy to apply. It's so lovely with the citrusy scent!" - Aileen Christina Anak Awen
"After 3 days of using Radian-C Cream, I can see my skin looks brighter and more radiant. I love both the scent and non-sticky texture!" - Sylvia Sila
"I feel my skin is glowing and brighter than before, I think my dark spots disappeared. 😀" - Liew Khai Shin
"The texture is thick and rich to me yet it is quickly absorbed into skin. My skin feels hydrated. The overall brightening effect doesn't seem too obvious, maybe it takes longer to show, but my dark spots have become less visible." - Hen Sook Yee
"The cream allows my skin to breathe without making my face greasy and my skin definitely feels smoother and firmer after a few days of using it. After using for about a week, my face looks slightly brighter overall and my red spots faded a little. It also doesn’t make my skin break out like other Vitamin C creams." - Jonathan Bryan Lee Yi-Zhong
"Softer and brighter skin after a few days of application while reducing stubborn dark spots!" - Leong Huey Wen
"It is amazing as I use it in my night routine, I can feel my face is moisturised. My skin feels smoother when I wash my face the next day." - Lorna Koh Sui Ling
"This product suits any skin type and it makes my skin look brighter and smoother. I will strongly recommend this to my friends." - Yeo Kim Guan
"I definitely like the sweet citrus scent of the cream. The cream does feel a bit greasy to me but it works fine as my skin feels moisturised after using it for more than 8 hours. My skin is a bit sensitive and tends to be reddish and inflamed when I use certain cream but this cream works perfectly fine. I hope the cream texture can be a little lighter." - Ng Yun Fei
"It is a great moisturiser that makes my skin glow! I like the texture of the cream and would recommend others to try too!" - Daphne Tan Jia Yi
"The light citrus scent is just to my liking! After using Radian-C Cream, my skin feels moisturised." - Chen Yu Yuan
"I thought the texture would be too thick for my oily skin but it fits perfectly as a second layer protection on my skin. I love how my skin is not oily and still refreshed after a long day. The citrusy scent is lovely too!" - Tan Jia Boh
"The product is non-sticky and I love the smell and texture!" - Koay Joo Bee
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